Pranascope (rainbowscope module for the frequency inverter,

with high-pseudoscops transformer)

For entertainment events and trainings

Recommendations for interventions using a pranascope

- a person’s individual trip in the passenger seat dressed in a pranascope;

-any competitions that require orientation in space at the speed (the vision for a

pranascope shifted by 45 degrees and slightly crooked horizontally);

- passing of simple rope mazes;

- dressing of a person or mannequin on time;

- drawing simple objects on time;

- dressing up sneakers race;

- picking up subjects suspended from the ceiling of race;

- riding the chair with wheels on the route suggested by a person in a pranascope

(the assistant is blindfolded)

- a bus ride in a  familiar city trying to guess where the bus with viewers  in

pranascopes is at the moment (the rainbow city tour)

At interactive science exhibitions

 Demonstration of light dispersion depending on the refractive power of the prism.

At art exhibitions


The pranascope can be used to view the showpieces in any art or science, where

they are painted in red and black colors. This will provide the viewer completely

new sense of three-dimensional space.

A new funny way of contemplation (special artistic vision, a new perception of

objects in optically distorted form).


For educational and training purposes.

 (in- depth lessons in biology, physiology, psychology, etc.)

- The constructions of all our devices including a pranascope  are made light and

portable, that is extremely handy for field tutorials for pupils and students.

With the help of a pranascope it is efficient to study the most important features of

the lateralization of the brain.

In the displacement of fields horizontally, students get the opportunity to observe

quite vivid motor skills conflict with the visible field. It is important to explain to

students the adaptability of the human body from the standpoint of physiological

stress limits, mechanisms of aftereffect and their practical application.

- If you pull out one of the optical elements from the groove and the second one 

leave in its place, we can observe an interesting phenomenon of stereovision,

associated with the peculiarities of convergence of the eyes.

- The experiments on adaptation to lateral displacement of the visual field. The

study of the mechanisms of proprioceptive body schema constructing in terms of

the displacement of field of view.

- Unexpected visual sensations, emotional discharge (joy, happiness, a sense of fun

games, feeling fabulous and wonderful world of illusions).

- Prism therapy (rehabilitation after stroke in unilateral spatial neglect).

  Research through the Kessler Foundation

- Training of spatial abilities.

Psychological experiments on the actualization of the child's perception in adults

 (Eleven ways to feel reborn).

The pranascope well proved as the device to simulate visual perception in a state of

alcoholic intoxication.