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Panoramascope (module for the frequency inverter, with high-

pseudoscope transformer)

For entertainment events and trainings.

Recommendations for interventions using a panoramascope:

-   a person’s individual trip in the passenger seat dressed in a panoramascope (training of vestibular systems);

- any competitions that require orientation in space at the speed ( field of view in a

panoramascope like the fish eye effect is in the reduced form only at a central area

of the retina and this is nonspecific training of vestibular systems);

-a ride in a bus in a familiar city in an attempt to guess where the bus with the

viewers dressed in panoramascopes is at the moment (city tour with “fish” perception);

- find a small object at the time (reduced field of view);

- playing football, etc.

all activities is traning of your of vestibular systems

At interactive scientific exhibitions

Demonstration of binocular fish-eye effect. Demonstration of recompense factors

methods that can cause motion sickness.

For educational and training purposes

(in- depth lessons of biology, physiology, psychology and etc.)

The constructions of all our devices including a panoramascope are made light and

portable, that is extremely handy for field tutorials for pupils and students.

With the help of a panoramascope it is efficient to examine the most important

features of the organization of areas of the eye retina of the human eye in their

relation to adaptive function. The entire field of view is summarized in a pie pan

(fisheye effect) and is projected almost exclusively in the central area of the retina.

Thus peripheral vision is blocked, which is responsible for orientation in space.

It is important to explain to students the adaptability of the human organism from

the point of view of stress physiological constraints, mechanisms of aftereffect and

their practical application.

The experiments on adaptation to the central field of view. The study of the

mechanisms of the proprioceptive body schema constructing in terms of blocking

peripheral vision.

-Experimental set up in central virtual field of vision adaptation brought in

outwards the habitual disposition.

- Proprioceptive body scheme coordination mechanisms with new realities for

visual analyzer investigation

-Unexpected visual sensations, emotional release (joy, merriment, the feeling of

amusing game, fabulousness, world delusiveness as if over the body)

-Spatial abilities training ( for example  - traning of your of vestibular systems).

-Psychological experiments in infant perception updating of adults (there are 11

methods to feel like a new man)

-Compensation of factors provoking seasickness symptoms (kinesia), due to the

effect of alleged horizon stabilization (everything seems to be much slower than it

felt by the vestibular system). In such a manner, the visual motion of the horizon is

in harmony with the sense and there is no conflict between the vision and

vestibular systems.