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Portable hyperscope (module for the frequency inverter, with high-

pseudoscope transformer).

This is not the usual 3D effect.

Hyperscope pretty changes our understanding of space where we live, clues the

form and content of our environment in such an unusual way that it's hard to

imagine under normal vision. Unless only the toy- like effect in dynamics similar

to what a person can see through hyperscope.

Moreover, the user gets the opportunity to watch a genuine three-dimensional

world in bright colors, so more significantly increases the range stereovision (like a


Hyperscope allows the user to feel the playfulness and the intensified depth of

objects, which makes this device very interesting for art schools, studies of the

psychology of perception, sports round up and other applications that require

improving of the efficiency of perception of three-dimensional space.

 At interactive science exhibitions

Hyperscope can be successfully used in interactive science exhibitions to improve

the effectiveness of the demonstration of highly detailed objects and different

spatial shapes.

The visitors of these exhibitions themselves will appear before the user of the

hyperscope as the exclusive showpieces. The fact is that if you increase the basis of

sight, the depth perception is quite enhanced, leading to the perception of the

human face, and in particular, convex and concave parts, very funny and unusual.

For example, the human nose will look elongated in length, and eye orbits

exaggeratedly recessed into the skull. If the person is wearing glasses, they will

seem suspended in the air in front of the person wearing them perso

In overseeing sports and other activities.

Hyperscope is particularly effective for the human perception of art in the Park

events (художественная картинность происходящего). At first acquaintance, it

is more reminiscent of a Tilt shift effect, which is often used in photography to

showcase the objects of reality as participants in the toy world.

The world through the hyperscope appears in all its depth, which, especially felt on

the distance to the observed objects from 50 to 200 meters. That is, for example,

looking out the window at home or from the stands to the objects you will perceive

them as copies of the real toy.

It is very convenient to watch the progress of the game (football or some other

sectional or pair sport) where the quality of the events estimated spatially. No

nuance will slide away from the person supervising the actions of the players on

the field associated with the movement of the ball in space.

 At art exhibitions and for students of art schools.

In art exhibitions focused on the spatial perception of objects by using the

hyperscope, the advantages of showpieces accentuated very effectively. The idea

that the artist expresses in the sculptures will not escape from the viewer, used the

benefits of hypermiling stereovision.

It should be noted, that the perception of a person of the opposite sex is very

greatly influenced by the terrain of the body (different cambers). Thus, wearing a

hyperscope, the viewer gets an opportunity to strengthen the perception of bumps

of the human body as the main source of inspiration for many painters, sculptors

and architects.

Students of art schools with the help of a hyperscope get the opportunity to see the

true depth of the space, as if they were watching  their object from two sides

simultaneously (assuming the proximity of objects). Spatial relationships are taken

with intensified realism, creating new opportunities for the expression of the

emerging spatial artistic images.

In addition, when sightseeing in, the man dressed in a hyperscope may, for

example, to survey remote architectural monuments with increased detail and

reinforced perception of spatial structure.

For educational and training purposes

 (in-depth lessons in biology, physiology, psychology, etc.)

The constructions of all our devices including a hyperscope are made light and

portable, that is extremely handy for field tutorials for pupils and students.


With the help of a hyperscope it is extremely effective to examine the most

important features of human stereovision, associated with eye retinas disparity. It is

important to show that binocular neurons are highly adaptable and can adapt to

calculate the depth of space increased to a certain value.

With increasing disparity of eye retinas students get the opportunity to observe a

rather striking effect of stereopsis. Range stereovision increases and students have

the opportunity for ownership experience to understand that means empowering

ordinary vision through simple manipulation of the difference of images on the retinas.

If you pull out one of the optical elements from the groove, and the second one

leave in its place, we can observe a less pronounced stereo effect.

Training of spatial abilities by determining the distance to objects due to the

augmented load on binocular neurons.

Reducing the load on vestibular system during long voyages and travel using other

modes of transport to prevent motion sickness (seasickness). This is due to the

peculiar optical horizon stabilization.

Psychological experiments in infant perception updating of adults.

The research of Influence of hyperscopic vision on fusional reflex.

Easy browsing of autostereograms (magic eye)

For those who have difficulties to see the 3D image in autostereograms, the

hyperscope can provide invaluable assistance.

It is enough to wear the hyperscope, and by adjusting the angle of the mirrors to

reduce the visual axis of the eye until the 3D image is found in full depth

For clarity of mathematical models of regular polyhedrons

Many mathematical models are complex and it is sometimes even difficult to

appreciate their structure on a full scale. In particular, figures such as hypercube or

tesseract, that is, three-dimensional objects - analogues of the four dimensional

mathematical concepts. Most observers of these objects through the hyperscope

agree that such facilities much easier and more accurately perceived not only by

their structure, but by the location in space.

It is also very important that the images of such mathematical models using

hyperscopic vision seem to be very stable, which allows to consider them for a

long time without excessive stress on the visual system of a person.