About project

         The idea of nonprofit educational project “Invertos” aroused from psychological experiments. Their purpose was to research mechanisms of visual perception with the help of upside down world.

People perceive around 90%of outside information through vision and consequently the understanding mechanisms of visual perception are the most significant for us.

The project database consists of well-studied methods and optical devices for their implementation. Invertoscope (Upside down goggles), pseudoscope and other unusual devices is the key of Upside down World.

For tuning of perception in an extraordinary and cheerful way you need to use one of the devices described on the website and pursue the usual course f their employments.

Designs of devices and methods of use created by our team meet the highest requirements of accommodation and safety.

Upside down world+Tuning of perception = pleasure and positive secret

Project mission

Attracting people to an active and healthy life.

Activity within the project


1) Information-edocation

- Distribution of new cognitive information about the features of human perception;

- Collection and analysis of experimental data on psychology of perception to build universal methods of human discharging;

2) Development of human adaptability to ambient effects:

- Strengthening of the vestibular apparatus;

- Development of physical endurance;

- Development of healthy self-confidence;

-Increasing the level of stress resistance;

- Training adaptability of human vision;

- Training of human spatial abilities. .


3) Delicate avoiding of smoking, alcohol and drug:

- An alternative way to get a thrill with health using the conflict between vision and other senses;

- "Hardening" of human perception at Upside down world;

- training the ability to set constructive vital targets and to find the most effective ways to achieve them.

4) ) Psychological adaptation the population of megacities:

- Reducing social tensions through cognitive training and cultural activities;

- promotion of cultural activities with popular science and extreme-sports bias.