Upside down

Can you imagine upside down world?  Realy? Even mirror all around?

Newborn baby don't understand a difference between top and  bottom and everything see upside down.
Imagine that you at the beginning of voyage and to you it's necessary to learn everything anew, but thus you are not a child any more and understand that or
The idea to turn over a new leaf is interesting, isn't it?
Welcome to the
upside down world!
Here and now in our reality it will be amazing  fascinating and  positive because upside down world is:

it's very simple  and your vision
  is the key
  to awareness your perception
it's very difficult and 115 ages of researching  and testing as well as lots of curiously funny and seriously training affects evidence of this

that is impressive and qualitatively changes perception. it is enough to build one of designs of pocket attractions: upside down goggles (invertoscopes), pseudoscopes, giperscopes with your hands  for tuning of perception and to be convinced of it.

Unusual and absolutely new  
Impressions of upside down world

pseudoscope - window in a world behind the looking-glass

upside down goggles (invertoscope)  - upside down
world behind the looking-glass

Tuning of perception    -     games of mind or path to Your Self?